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Customised MDP's

 Customised Management Development Programs

In a quickly changing world, talented human capital is becoming a prime ingredient of business success. In their pursuit of gaining competitive advantage, companies increasingly need and desire an expanded portfolio of skills and competencies in their people commensurate with their current and futuristic roles. With competition catching up, luring of talented staff by competitors has added retention challenges. For their part of the bargain, organizations driven directly by the business's core value proposition, are reflecting by valuing individual employee's professional development through customized Programs offered by Premier Institutes leading to Professional Certifications. This creates a win-win situation as employees undergoing these courses equip themselves with new knowledge relevant for their work place while furthering their careers.

Some of the challenges faced by those entrusted with Learning & Development function are:

  • Difficulty in pulling out key personnel for training programs without impacting productivity.
  • Getting the right content and faculty to deliver relevant & contemporary knowledge which is aligned with the work practice.
  • Assessment and feedback on how the participant is performing in the program
  • Ensuring the knowledge imparted is retained and assimilated so that it reflects in the on the job performance of the participants
  • Making it cost effective and within the constrained training budgets
  • At their convenient place and time
  • Statvarsity Interactive, addresses the above challenges by offering customized management development programs in collaboration with Premier B Schools with the following desired outcomes:

  • Participants who reflect ongoing learning, creativity, and innovation
  • A culture of entrepreneurship with good overall business understanding, including independent initiative and leadership, responsiveness, fast decision-making, and flexibility
  • A true valuing of teamwork, collaboration, and cooperation - without sacrificing a sense of urgency and a focus on results
  • Willingness to accept shared accountability
  • An active and direct contribution to the overall mission of the organization
  • These programs are offered in blended learning format by renowned expert faculty of the institute using a State-of-the art E-learning platform which permits high level of bidirectional interaction between the faculty and participants. Usually the programs begin with an introductory module of 1-2 days at the institute followed by live synchronous lectures on the videoconferencing platform.

    Our Approach

    Every organization has its unique set of business challenges and developmental needs. We collaborate with our client organizations to understand these needs and tailor solutions to address the same. The starting point in a custom program is the requirements study. We engage with the senior leaders from the organization and few of the participants who are identified to undergo the program, to draw up the learning needs and objectives of the programs. The detailed design flows from the learning needs analysis. The various aspects of the custom program - the conceptual frameworks, business cases, assignments, group exercises, role-plays, project work, business simulation games are tailored to optimize the learning process, while leveraging the overall capability of the Institute for delivery. The organization may also opt for action learning projects whereby the participants work on projects identified by the organization through the course of the program under the guidance of the Institute faculty. Through interaction with the Institute faculty the participants gain broader global perspectives and acquire conceptual frameworks that may be put into action and execution. A certificate of participation will be awarded by Institute to participants on successful completion of the program.